WLC Winner and Snow Warnings

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Couple of things to cover today, the first and most important being, the winner of the Whole Life Challenge! It was a very close race, with a tie if we went by percentages and a one point win if we went by points. In the end, the victor wound up being…. Dorrey Worth! Congratulations Dorrey! Now everyone’s going to be gunning for you at the next challenge in January!

Pretty sure that's the biggest smile I've ever seen on Dorrey's face.

Pretty sure that’s the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on Dorrey’s face.

Second thing is the winter weather protocol. Wednesday is supposed to be snowy, anywhere from “they claimed it was going to snow” to “ohmigod I should have bought more milk and bread!” Whatever we wind up getting tomorrow, remember the winter rules before you get to the gym:

  • Any time the weather makes a turn for the worse, be sure to wear outside shoes outside, workout shoes inside. You know what we do on the floor and you can imagine how horrible it would be to do that with mud and muck and snow all over the place. I do all I can to keep the floors nice and clean, but I’m just one man with one zamboni. So please, carry your workout shoes into the gym and change into them as you sit on one of our comfy couches. You know we’re not big on burpee penalties around here, but this is an exception. Wet mucky shoes get you burpees.
  • When the weather gets bad, there’s always a chance we’re going to have to close the gym to keep you and me safe. If that happens, we’ll say so all across the social media spectrum, so always check all of them before you head out to the gym. Specifically, be sure to check our Facebook page and website for updates. In addition, this year I’ll be sending out a mass text anytime we have to cancel classes, so keep your phone handy and keep an eye out for those.
  • Keep drinking water! You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces in water every day (so if you weighed 200 pounds, you would drink 100oz per day. If you have a CFZ water bottle, that would be approximately 5 full bottles, since those are 21oz bottles). That shouldn’t change just because you’re not hot and sweaty in the middle of the summer. Stay hydrated, ’cause the dry winter air will suck it right out of you, much like a Communist trying to steal our precious fluids.

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