Winter is Coming!

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We’ve had a few cold days now, and after seeing Jimmy show up in shorts and a tank top, I figured it would be a good time to bring up the Winter Rules before it started to get REALLY cold. Some of these are rules, some of these are advice. Hopefully you’ll make the right choice when you decide which is which.

  1. Dress in layers. If there’s not a class in front of yours, there is a VERY good chance it will be quite chilly inside. Best way to dress: start with shorts and a t-shirt (or whatever you usually wear in the summer) and then layer up from there, expecting to be bundled up and warm at the start and then shed clothes a couple of times as you get warmer. Ask yourself two questions: “What would I wear if SqWatts makes me run outside?” and “What will I wear if SqWatts is feeling chilly and has cranked the heat to ninety degrees?”
  2. Speaking of heat, that heater you hear is not making you hot. That heater is keeping the gym at a luxurious 60 degrees or so and barely keeping me from chattering my teeth. Remember how in the summer, once you starting moving around in a workout, you got hotter and started to sweat? That happens in the winter too. Remember that you’re supposed to be hot and sweaty – that’s how CrossFit works. You really don’t want me to be cold, because the only thing that warms me up is watching people do burpees.
  3. Keep drinking water! You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces in water every day (so if you weighed 200 pounds, you would drink 100oz per day. If you have a CFZ water bottle, that would be approximately 5 full bottles, since those are 21oz bottles). That shouldn’t change just because you’re not hot and sweaty in the middle of the summer. Stay hydrated, ’cause the dry winter air will suck it right out of you, much like a Communist trying to steal our precious fluids.
  4. At some point, conditions are going to get gross (even moreso than yesterday). Once the weather makes a turn for the worse, be sure to wear outside shoes outside, workout shoes inside. You know what we do on the floor and you can imagine how horrible it would be to do that with mud and muck and snow all over the place. I do all I can to keep the floors nice and clean, but I’m just one man with one zamboni. So please, carry your workout shoes into the gym and change into them as you sit on one of our comfy couches.
  5. If the weather’s bad or is predicted to be bad, check the blog and our Facebook page for gym status updates. If you’re a member, check the Facebook group and your email regularly for updates. When the weather gets bad, there’s always a chance we’re going to have to close the gym to keep you and me safe. If that happens, we’ll say so all across the social media spectrum, so always check all of them before you head out to the gym.

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