What’s the Last Stupid Thing You Did?

By November 3, 2013 wod No Comments

What’s the last stupid thing you did? I’m not talking about forgetting your keys or pulling out in front of that 18 wheeler. I’m talking about planned stupidity. Something you think sounds cool, but the deeper you get into it, the dumber you realize you were. Picture just about anything involving fireworks and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’m currently wading in to my own Stupid Idea. After a friend posted a link to the 150,000 pound squat challenge, I thought that sounded like a great idea. Lots of people do weird endurance challenge things (100k row over the holidays, Toughest Mudder, Ultramarathons), so here’s a chance for me to do something like that with something I love – squatting.

In case you haven’t figured this out about me yet, I suck at math. Well, not so much “math” in general, but two forms of math in specific: simple calculations in my head and number comparison/relativity.

The first I blame on one of three things: 1) my unmedicated ADD, 2) being over-tired and often a little sleep-deprived or 3) one of the lingering side effects from all of the cancer treatment crap. All three of those things play a factor, and the more of them that are occurring, the worse it gets. Not so bad if I have a pen and paper, but the mental gymnastics aren’t quite there to do it all in my head. On the plus side, every time I work out in the early morning I later discover I PR’ed one of my lifts without realizing it.

The second form I’ve always had trouble with. In this case, looking at 150,000 pounds and really comprehending how much weight that is. I kicked off my run with 6000 pounds of random squatting and felt pretty good about it all. After all, I’m around the gym all day, so how bad could it be to get 5000 pounds per day for 30 days?

Later on, I start to gain a little perspective. Some of you have done “Karen” before: 150 wall balls for time. Yes, it’s just as miserable as you think. If you did Karen at the men’s prescribed weight, you’d only have 3000 pounds. Uh oh.

So I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, but if you notice I’m walking around the gym a little tenderly, you know why. And if you want to see where I stand (so to speak) in this insanity, I’m keeping track on the back of the whiteboard.

So let’s hear it – what’s the last stupid thing you’ve done?

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