Weekend Reading, Week 5

By November 22, 2013 wod No Comments

Well, this was one of those relatively sleepless weeks, so my medium-term memory is shot and that means I don’t remember a lot of what happened this week. We got some new members, most of whom are getting started off on Monday. Today we got a LOT of PRs with the push presses. Mo, Kaylyn, Robyne, Barb and Jimmy all got PRs! Awesome work gang. If you’re reading this Friday night, don’t forget that tomorrow’s our first MOMP! If you forget, take a look over at the WDO for Saturday.

One other thing to mention. At 9:00AM tomorrow, when we’re kicking off the MOMP, Jimmy is going to be sitting at a desk somewhere, taking the written portion of the police exam. Send him out some good vibes, ’cause it’s always good to have a cop as a gym member.

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