Weekend Reading, Week 20

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Don’t forget: Barb & Mo are doing the 14.2 Open WOD at 10:00AM on Saturday! Come down and cheer them on and, while you’re at it, show up an hour early for the Saturday 9:00 workout. Convenience!

The next four links are all interesting reads (well, the first three are interesting and the fourth is hilarious) about the same subject: a girl who was recently outed by one of her fellow Duke students as a porn star and the ugliness she’s faced since the revelation. I’m breaking in for a little commentary here just because your boss might not be too cool with you reading about porn stars at work. If your boss is cool with it or you’re at home, I highly recommend reading these three articles for their perspective from behind the lines of the sex trade.

Find something you think would be interesting for people to read on the weekends? Send it in! Just email SqWatts at brian@crossfitzenith.com If you know me on Facebook, feel free to tag me in your interesting links.

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