We Almost Made It Seven Months Before a Fight Club Post

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There have been oh so many blog posts and articles comparing some aspect of Fight Club to CrossFit, enough so it’s almost become a trope. Hell, I’ve done it in the past myself.

Usually however, these posts focus on the bad ass parts of Fight Club: the first rule of Fight Club, or the utter disdain for society and IKEA furniture. Today however, one quote from the movie popped into my head.

“If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?”

Obviously, my sleeping patterns are still rather broken and you guys are probably only a week or two away from meeting Coach Durden. First warning sign: Elvis sunglasses that are a little too large and the overall first impression of “probably sticky.”

One special ability that sleep deprivation affords me is the power to make random connections for a broader purpose. They say drugs give you the same notion, so to those of you who are either well-rested or not-high, this may all just be a bunch of gibberish. But it makes sense to me right now, dammit.

Anyway. That Fight Club quote above is usually just a throwaway line to set up the idea that the narrator and Durden are one and the same. (And if I just spoiled the movie for you, you REALLY need to get out more). But tear it apart a little and apply the pieces to your own experience.

This morning, you woke up in a bad mood. Why? Would this have changed if you slept in a little later? If you woke up in Honolulu instead of your room in Connecticut? Sure, this is a rather facile stripping down of the quote but again, not much sleep here.

But think about how different you are when you’re in a bad mood versus a good mood. Waking up in one mood or another is almost like waking up as a different person!

20140430 - Mind Blown

There are all sorts of factors that play into not only your mood but your general well-being and sleep is one of the big ones. How many times have you seen someone grouchy and thought “someone needs a nap?” You probably think it in that singsong sort of voice too, don’t you?

Today I’m starting my new quest/challenge: sleep. I’ve been toying with a few things that might help out and running a few highly unscientific experiments here, mostly along the same lines as “I feel my sinuses acting up so I’d better get some chicken strips from DQ for the antibiotics.” But as always, if it works, I’m going to stick by it.

Last night went a little off the rails, so tonight is going to be my first official attempt. I’m aiming for seven hours of sleep each night. It’s still under the typically recommended 8+ hours, but that’s about double my usual total and the math just doesn’t work for me getting eight hours on most nights.

So stay tuned for updates both on my Quest for Sleep (which I was going to call my “somnambulant journey” until I remembered that meant sleepwalking because being tired makes me not only use big words but also use them incorrectly) and tips and tricks for what I’m finding to work.

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