Very Special Event Coming to CrossFit Zenith in April

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One thing I learned in my cancer days is the power of small amounts of money put in the right places. If you only have $20 to give to help out cancer patients, giving it to a large organization like the American Cancer Society is almost like throwing it away. On the other hand, tracking down a local charity that’s helping out patients in your area and handing them $20 makes a huge difference in someone’s life.

Now that I’m involved in CrossFit I’ve witnessed both the power of the community to do good and the sad state of funding for our national Olympic weightlifters. After my cancer-based microcharity experience, merging these two things seemed like an obvious given, but I wasn’t sure how we could best focus the power of the CrossFit community to help our Olympic athletes.

Fortunately this same idea had been brewing in the mind of our Director of Community Outreach, Mark Gancsos and when you point him at a problem, he will work at it until it goes away. This led to both a great partnership and opportunity for both our CrossFit community and the local non-CrossFit community as well. On April 26th, we’ll all get the opportunity to gather our small amounts of money and put it where it’ll do the most good: helping out one of our Olympians.

20140317 - Holley - London

Holley Mangold represented the USA on the 2012 Olympic Weightlifting team in London, yet many people know her better from the most recent season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Holley spent seven weeks at The Biggest Loser Ranch, where she bonded strongly with coach Bob Harper, and her openness and humor made her a fan favorite. The public is invited to spend some time with Holley, take pictures, and ask her about anything: she is happy to talk about her life, her sport, the Olympics, her daily routine, nutrition, her time on The Biggest Loser, and everything in between.

20140317 - Holley - Biggest Loser

Holley shed 96 pounds in Season 15, but her journey is far from over as she continues to train for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and you can be a part of her journey. She is stopping in at CrossFit Zenith of Wallingford on Saturday April 26th to meet and spend time with fans.

Holley is teaching a weightlifting clinic from 9:30 AM-1:30 PM. Spots are limited and some experience with the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk and the snatch) is recommended. Later that day at 3:30 PM, Holley will have a meet & greet event for the general public. The meet & greet is open to all with no cap on attendance, because we want to try to raise as much money as possible. These events are how she supports her training to compete in the next Olympics. By signing up for the clinic to train with Holley ($150) or to later meet and talk with Holley ($25), you’ll also be helping to boost her chances to bring home the gold in 2016. The United States Olympic Committee does not fully fund our athletes, and while those in sports like gymnastics or snowboarding win million-dollar endorsement deals, Olympic hopefuls like Holley often struggle to make ends meet while training and traveling to competitions.

20140317 - Holley - Squats

Visit today to sign up for either the weightlifting clinic or the Meet & Greet event, and come visit with Holley! All proceeds from this event go directly to Holley for her training. We’ll also have a donation bucket on-site if you’d like to help more.

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