Utter Destruction

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As you can see from the photo above, if you weren’t at the gym yesterday you missed a great one. Indeed, Kaylyn may be a little upset being the top focus of the post, but she’ll feel better when she sees that Mark is the main focus.

Mark? Yes, Mark. You see, many times after a WOD, you guys are too wiped to notice what’s going on around you. In some cases, even to wiped to notice what’s happening with you yourself. Yesterday afforded a glimpse of something glorious and I just happened to have the gym camera on me. How convenient. We’ve all felt like this after a WOD, Mark just happened to be in the right place to capture all of the post-WOD recovery phases. This is one time that captions aren’t needed – the photos speak for themselves.

20131227 - 02

20131227 - 03

20131227 - 04

20131227 - 05

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