Updates on Snow, Seminars and Sales

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First, you probably want to know if the gym’s open or not since we’ve got some sort of brouhaha brewing weather-wise. You’re in the right place, but you can also check out our Facebook page for constant updates as well. Here’s the current status of the gym:

Here’s what it looks like, from the gym out:

  • Parking lot is plowed, but looks to be a big ice rink. I’m going to go throw some salt out there, but since it’s the crappy pet-safe kind, I’m sure it’s not gonna do much. Penguin Walk!
  • Make sure you wear outside shoes outside and inside shoes inside. If you come in the door in your workout shoes, your workout will be an hour of burpees. If your workout shoes are your only shoes, today’s a good day to go buy some cheap parking lot shoes.
  • Toelles Road looks like it hasn’t been touched. Be careful getting into the parking lot.
  • Route 5 is spotty. Some places are great, some aren’t. Be more concerned about the people than the road. Lots of people driving slower than they have to and a few driving faster than they should.


Be sure you check back at this page before bundling up and driving here so you can make sure someone will be here to let you in. I’ll keep updating that little area above with the gym status.

Secondly, SEMINARS! Next Saturday (1/11) will be January’s MOMP (Middle of the Month Party) and this MOMP is going to include a mini goal setting seminar given by yours truly. We’ll talk about how to frame goals properly for success and the best ways to attack your goals. We’ll do this shortly after the WOD that day.

Next week will be our “What is Paleo?” meeting with Theresa Garceau of Cross Cuisines. We’re still tying down a specific day, but it will be either Wednesday or Thursday at 6:30PM. That means on whatever day we hold it, the 6:30 class will be canceled. We’ll update you once we know the day for sure, but in the meantime, block out both of those days in your calendar, just in case.

Last but not least, our start of the month sale. Hopefully you’ve seen it pop up on your Facebook Timeline but if not, here’s the ad. Be sure to save a copy and send it to all of your friends so we can get some people in here!

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