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Since it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned things, let’s talk about what’s coming up in Zenithland.

This weekend, come visit us at the North Haven Food Truck Festival. We’re going to be there on both Saturday and Sunday and it goes from 11AM-7PM each day. Click this link for an article explaining all the things that will be happening there as well as pricing and directions and such. If you show up later in the day, we’ll be the angry drunken booth.

Next Tuesday (7/22), will be another Winey Craft Night here at the gym at 7:00PM. The craft of the night will be glass etching. Check the family group on Facebook for a message from Barb or shoot Barb an email for details.

On August second, we’re getting as many people in the gym as possible to do the El Diablo Race. It’s being held at Powder Ridge in Middlefield and we’re signed up in the 11:00 AM SCALED heat. Basically we’re going there to hang out under our tents with other CrossFitters, do a little bit of exercising, some eating, some drinking and a lot of hanging out. Anyone’s going to be able to do this and we’re all doing it as a team. If you come in to work out today, you’ll even get a taste of what you’re in for. We’re doing this version of Fran at the bottom of a mountain, going up and down the mountain (notice I didn’t say “running.” This is me we’re talking about here), then doing a lighter version of Grace at the bottom. There’s no timekeeping other than a time cap on Fran and we’re not heading up the mountain until everyone’s ready to go. Click this link to get more details and register. Remember, we’re in the 11:00 AM SCALED heat.

Last, on August 23rd a rowdy band of Zenithites are doing the Tough Mudder in Maine. It says they’re 95% sold out, so if you want to do this, you need to race over to their site right now and register. If you can select a heat time, our crew is in the 9:00 AM one.

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