Two More Days ’til a Regular Post!

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This Thursday (HALLOWEEN!) We’re having a big free Halloween WOD at 6:30 PM. Wear a costume, bring a friend, possibly some drinks or snacks – it’s party time! Check out our event on Facebook or keep checking here daily for updates!

Also, due to the Halloween Hijinks mentioned above there will be NO 6:00AM CLASS on FRIDAY!

So the night is nearly upon us and the final details are almost… detailed? As you can imagine, I’m pretty burned out from looking at crappy costume ideas. But hopefully, you’ve already figured what you’re wearing. It’s going to be quite an… active… WOD. So if you’ve been spending those late night hours gluing the hair on your Wookie costume, you might want to make a quick run out to the costume shop. We know there will be running involved, but what else could be involved? We got the intriguing photo above yesterday afternoon. You can tell we’re not in Jersey because there are no shovels involved.

Luckily for Robyne, there probably won’t be burpees.

'Cause Robyne looooooves her burpees.

‘Cause Robyne looooooves her burpees.

So, pick those costumes wisely, and remember, if worse comes to worse…

20131030 - Creepy

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