This Week, I’m Not in Castro’s Head. Whew.

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The announcement of the next Open workout was made last night, and it’s a doozy. If you missed the announcement itself and want to watch a couple of bad ass women destroy the workout, here’s the archived version of the live announcement:

Be sure to click this link to see what the workout is and take a look at the movement standards and examples while you’re at it. For pretty much all of us, this would be a three minute workout, so we’re doing it a little differently by doing it the usual way

We’re going to start out with some overhead squat work and talk about those pull-ups again. Then, we’re going to do a twelve minute AMRAP of the same rep pattern that the Open is doing – ten of each, then twelve, then fourteen, etc. until you run out of time. We’ll talk about resting and moving and all of that sort of stuff before we kick it all off, so it’s gonna be a fun time for all.

While we’re talking about the Open workout, try to set aside some time this Saturday morning for our competing ladies, Barb and Mo. They’re going to be doing the official workout at 10:00 AM Saturday morning and could use some cheering and yelling. As luck would have it, there’s a partner WOD at 9:00 AM that morning, so you can come work out for an hour, then cheer for them afterwards. Funny how that happens, right?

In other news, we had a CrossFit New Haven contingent stop by the 6:30 class last night for a workout and to hang around for the Open announcement. Naturally, this was the week I left the TV at home. Much thanks to Jenn, Lisa, Keven and Trish for coming out in the cold evening to get another day’s worth of squats and push-ups in and giving Kristine and Dan some more people to work out with.

Thanks for stopping by, gang!

Thanks for stopping by, gang!

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