The Weekend and… Beyooooond!

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Okay, this is another little housekeeping type of post, but with some important class-type reminder information. Get your calendars out!

This Saturday is our Valentine’s Day MOMP WOD. Grab some friends, family or enemies (or someone who’s all three – I’ve heard stories) and drag them with you! It’s a free workout for friends, family and strangers and it’ll be another fun one as all MOMPs (Middle of the Month Party) are. Who knows what kind of screwball thing I’ll think up for this one. Just know that it’s a partner WOD at a Valentine’s Day MOMP, so you might want to bring some breath mints, just in case. We’ll work out at 9 like usual, then hang out, eat some food, play some games and have fun. Some come on down and bring lots of people to do some work!

This coming Tuesday, there will be no 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM classes. We’re holding a “Business After Hours” function for the Chamber of Commerce. We’ll have some snack trays or the like and give the businessfolk a chance to find out what CrossFit and CrossFit Zenith in particular are all about. So since you’re not going to be working out and now have at least a spare hour, why don’t you come to this function and help spread the love of CrossFit? We can always use more people to talk about what it is, what it’s like and what it’s done for people. Plus, I’ll probably be a little distracted running little mini-WODs for people, so Barb could probably use some talking and corralling help. The function lasts from 5PM-7PM and it’s open to Chamber members and our gym members.

As for other events, we now have some handy-dandy sheets up on the entry wall for various races and such that people have coming up. This way you can all have one easy place to see who’s doing what and when. We also have a blank sheet up if you’re doing something fun that’s not already up there. Granted, you’ll still have to register for the race and pay and all that, but this way you know someone else is willing to go through it with you.

Also, the CrossFit Open is coming up next week, so be sure and look at the family group on Facebook for details on how we’re going to be running the Open so everyone can participate.

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