The Weather Outside Will Be Frightful

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STORM UPDATE: 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM classes are cancelled. The snow is still pouring and the drivers are still stupiding. Stay inside and stay safe and warm. I’m cancelling 6:00 AM tomorrow as well preemptively, since I don’t want to drive through the snow just to sit there by myself :)

Another storm’s about to sweep through, so let’s go over the Snowzillocaust rules while it’s still nice outside:

    Keep an eye on this page, the Facebook page and the Facebook Member Group for any notice of cancellations. This storm’s supposed to happen after I get here, so I’ll probably have very little idea of what the roads look like out there in the real world. If they look treacherous, let me know so I can warn the others and possibly cancel classes for your safety and my ability to get home.

  • You can also watch the Closings banner on NBC30 & WFSB. We’re set up with them to post closings now, so that’s a secondary solution (since I might forget how to send it in)
  • Wear outside shoes outside, workout shoes inside. Don’t be the one tracking dirt, salt, snow and much on the floor. Burpees will be given.
  • If there’s any ice on the ground, remember it’ll be worse where you park and get better the closer to the door you get (unless it’s the 6AM class, in which case it might not have had time to melt). Penguin walk!
  • If you’re planning on bringing a pup with you, be sure to wipe off their feet if there’s salt outside. I tried the pet-safe stuff for the last storm and it sucked, so we’re going full strength this time. Protect those paws!
  • It’s supposed to be really cold outside, which means it’ll only be kinda cold inside – use your layers wisely!
  • Keep drinking that water! Just because it’s not a Brazilian degrees out there doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated.
  • Most importantly, get all of your panic shopping done early!

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