The Shame of CrossFit. And hats!

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First, a reminder: This Saturday is our first MOMP! WOD starts at 9:00 AM, fun continues through the morning/afternoon! The day is free for everyone – bring your friends, your family, your enemies, your favorite adult beverages and snacks!

Our marketing arm has been at it again: we now have CrossFit Zenith hats for sale! As is often the case, the marketing arm was me saying “I need a hat,” and now you all have a chance to get a hat of your own. Hats are of the Flexfit variety, cost $27 and come in two sizes: Normal and Peanut. I mean, L/XL and S/M. Here’s a photo of the front and back with an alluring model in between:

Glasses not included.

Glasses not included.

I can’t leave you with so little to read, so we’ll briefly mention the CrossFit Zenith Shame Initiative. Since we haven’t formalized our burpee penalty system yet and since this is much more fun for me, we’re working on multiple public humiliation style penalties. For the random dastardly act of leaving things strewn about willy nilly, we’ve already seen two characters, with many more waiting in the wings (seriously, look at the wall ball racks – do you think that’s the work of a sane individual?).



And of course, once the perpetrator is found, Accusatory CFZ Monkey does his job.

I know, I've seen Family Guy too.

I know, I’ve seen Family Guy too.

And if you call a verbal (“I’ll be here tomorrow at 6:30!”) and don’t show up, you get Sad and Lonely CFZ Monkey from the top of the post. And there are oh so many more to be released. This is what happens when I sit around the gym all day by myself. Good incentive to get your friends signed up to preoccupy me :)

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