The Rules.

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TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! CrossFit Zenith’s First Annual Halloween WOD! We’re having a big free WOD at 6:30 PM. Wear a costume, bring a friend, possibly some drinks or snacks – it’s party time! Check out our event on Facebook for more details!

Also, due to the Halloween Hijinks mentioned above there will be NO 6:00AM OR 9:00AM CLASSES on FRIDAY! Yeah, it’s gonna be that awesome.

Those of you who have come by CFZ, whether to work out or to take a look at the place, have probably noticed the extreme order of the place. The labeling, the color-coding, the organizing. As you may have guessed, I’m big on having rules and following them (the speed limit is not a rule, it’s oppression by The Man). As such, rules will be a big part of tonight’s WOD. Specifically, Zombieland’s Rules.

“But SqWatts, I don’t see how front squats tie in to Zombieland,” you may be saying. That’s because what you see over there on the right isn’t the 6:30 PM WOD – that’s the workout for all the other classes. The 6:30 PM WOD is manically scrawled on a little piece of paper in my pocket. UNKNOWABLE UNKNOWN, BITCHES!

But since I’m a nice guy at heart, I’ll give you some hints. Namely the rules we’ll be covering, though not necessarily in this order:

  • Rule 1: “Cardio”
  • Rule 2: “Double tap”
  • Rule 3: “Beware of bathrooms”
  • Rule 8: “Get a kickass partner”
  • Rule 15: “Bowling Ball”
  • Rule 17: “Don’t be a hero.”
  • Rule 17 Amended: “Don’t be a hero.”
  • Rule 18: “Limber up”
  • Rule 22: “When in doubt, know your way out”
  • Rule 29: “The buddy system”
  • Rule 31: “Check the back seat”
  • Rule 48: “Hygiene”

Also, a couple of key Halloween Rules to remember when going over those last minute costume preparations:

  1. If your costume has a mask, it stays on for the WOD
  2. Zombies don’t care if it’s raining. Neither will we.

If I just threw a wrench into your elaborate costuming plans, here’s the latest help from Cracked for you. Remember that I’m from Texas, so all of these costumes will be acceptable. Texpectations, people.

If you haven’t worked out at CFZ before, be sure to show up a bit early to fill out some paperwork. See you at 6:30!

20131031 - Zombies and Ghosts

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