Class Schedule

We feature over 35 classes weekly on our full schedule at CrossFit Zenith in Wallingford. FIT Wallingford CrossFit Zenith is located at the end of exit 66 off Route 15. We are convenient for anyone driving through Wallingford from Meriden, Hamden, North Haven or Durham. Our Gym has plenty of room for every type of workout, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Now you can fit the gym into your lifestyle. We give you the flexibility to work out 7 days per week from 5:30am through 7:30pm. Do you need to work out at a different time? Contact us if you can’t find a time that meets your needs. Your FREE class includes all classes listed below.

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Our F.I.T. Boot Camp and CrossFit classes in Wallingford are available 7 days per week. Between our flexible schedule at CrossFit Zenith and the variety of classes, you’re always going to find the class you want. It’s easy to workout at our gym whenever you want because we are available from 5:30am until 7:30pm and are open 7 days per week. This 7 day program gives you the flexibility you need in order to schedule classes around your life.

With over 35 different class times, we are the only fitness facility or weight loss boot camp facility that gives you this many options. Try us FREE with a “No-Sweat Intro” and see what our classes and coaches are like. You’re sure to fall in love.