Return of Craig

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Tonight’s a tired night, you know that “I think the trash can just talked to me” kind of tired, so this’ll be a quick one.

Wednesday at 6:30PM we’re having Ace Photographer Craig come to shoot the WOD, so get your hair did, put on your game faces and come down to get famous! Feel free to wear what you want, but you know how much we loooove seeing purple out there.

Since we’re talking events and since we’ve got a big one coming up this very weekend, I figured I’d spend the rest of the post reminding you about everything that’s coming up so you can get your travel itinerary all set.

  • Saturday, November 23: Our first MOMP. It starts at 9:00AM, is free for friends and family (the more the merrier), will include food and drinks (feel free to bring extra food and drinks as well. No sign up, because some of us are perfectly okay with everyone bringing nacho cheese Doritos. Or, you know, healthy stuff.), and will also have a screening of the new documentary American Weightlifting. It’ll be a fun and interesting day, so be sure to be there and drag people along with you!
  • Thursday, November 28: Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 29: Turkey Hangover WOD at 10:00 AM only.
  • Friday, December 13: Members-only Holiday Party. Okay, yeah, members and their families, but you know we mean: The Zenith Crew. There’s a whiteboard sitting on the cubbies so everyone can sign up for whatever kind of food they’re bringing. No workout, just hanging out and eating.
  • Saturday December 14: The Merry Fucking Christmas Ugly Sweater MOMP. Again, bring everyone you can get your hands on. You’ll have on MOMP under your belt, so you’ll know how it will all work for the day. Plus it’s a holiday WOD, so you know what that means: I’m going to find a way to fill up the board again.

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