Our Philosophy

At FIT Wallingford | CrossFit Zenith, our mission is to get people moving. Our specialty is the everyday athlete. We’re more interested in day-to-day fitness than competitions. Our goal is to keep you healthy and fit so you can continue to work out day to day, month to month and year to year whether your “workout” is in the gym, on the job or just in your own backyard.


About Us

Our two main programs, CrossFit and FIT are designed with this in mind. What’s your goal? Lose weight? Get stronger? Get healthy? Clean up your diet? Run a marathon? Compete in a CrossFit competition? Have fun working out? Find a fitness community where you belong? Let us know what you’re looking to achieve. We exist to help you reach your goals. Try a week FREE and see if we are the right FIT for you.

  • We believe in form above all else.
  • We believe words have power.
  • We believe how you think is just as important as what you do.
  • We believe your potential is greater than you could possibly imagine.
  • We believe that after work and home, people have a need for a third place, and that CrossFit and F.I.T. can fill that need.
  • We believe in training 4-6x/week.
  • We believe nutrition is important, but it shouldn’t define you.
  • We believe that squats can heal you, mind, body and soul.
  • We believe in working out for tomorrow’ challenges, not for today’s fastest time.
  • We believe in high fives and hugs.
  • We believe in leading by example.
  • We believe there is greatness in everyone.
  • We believe in you.