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Now typically, one would expect the first post of a new blog to be a “Welcome to the Blog” or a “Hello World” kind of post. Perhaps a long list of all the people who contributed to getting you where you are. I have all of those in my head somewhere and we’ll get around to those posts as some point, but going so long without blogging has me brimming with words and certain other people out there brimming with anxiety. Instead the first post on the CrossFit Zenith blog is going to be about, appropriately enough, passion.

I’m a geek of many stripes, which means I am passionate about a select number of things. Thanks to the Glory of Introversion, most people don’t get the full brunt of that passion. Sure, if someone says the words “Phantom Menace” in my presence, they may detect and brief and intense flare of burning hatred in my eyes. If they bring up Batman or motocross, they might soon be looking over my shoulder for someone to save them. Geek passion can be a scary thing.

CrossFit has brought me a new form of passion. The passion that comes with finding your reason, your purpose in life. I saw glimmers of it when I first started in CrossFit, the ways it was changing my life inside the gym and out.

CrossFit kicked off an even bigger change when I decided to quit my job and pursue the career of a CrossFit coach. I was starting to see the edges now, the outline of what I could become. All of the people I could help. I like to think that it showed on the first day of every on-ramp class I taught, that little gleam in the eyes and lilt in the voice that shared just how much I love all of this. Even on the longest days after coaching a ton of classes and having one of my coaching goats pop up, I was still happier then I was doing anything up to that point.

Then I took the next leap: opening my own CrossFit Affiliate. In the process of getting this place built and set up, I finally realized my passion by having it pointed out to me time and again. One of my friends recently told me on Facebook “Many lack the passion that you possess in spades. It is so refreshing.” That finally made me stop a second and think about Passion.

As I told her, one of the things I’ve discovered in this process is that when you’re really passionate about something, you kind of have no idea that you are until people mention it to you.

I’ve had a couple of vendors and contractors say something about my passion or excitement when I’ve been yammering on about CFZ and it always kind of surprises me when they do. “Oh yeah, I am passionate about this. Huh.”

Some people say you can’t survive on passion alone, and this is true. Passion without some sort of common sense is dangerous, both to you and your pocketbook. But the thing is, you can’t survive without passion. At least not in the early days.

Passion is what keeps you going when everything is crumbling around you.

Passion is what wakes you up early in the morning and keeps you working until the late hours of night.

Passion is what comforts you in the middle of the sleepless nights, of which there will be many.

Passion is what takes your hand when you’re done, looks around at what you’ve made and whispers “You did this, be proud” in your ear.

Passion is what whispers in your other ear, “What’s next?”

Welcome to CrossFit Zenith. Welcome home.

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