Paleo Talk Time!

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Okay, we’ve got some more details hashed out for our paleo talk and the kickoff of our first paleo challenge!

Before I get into those, I want to remind you of another important talk: Goal Setting! This Saturday after the WOD during the hanging out and eating portion of the MOMP, we’ll talk about how to set up goals including goals to set during this challenge. I might also wander into general nutrition advice as well to get you ready for our paleo talk next Thursday.

That’s right! Next Thursday the 16th, at 6:30PM we’re going to have Theresa Garceau from Cross Cuisines come and talk to you guys about what the Paleo Diet is and isn’t. We’re also going to be having a paleo potluck dinner at the same time, so you can try your hand at cooking something paleo and see what other people have tried doing as well.

“Oh my GOD SqWatts! I don’t know the first THING about cooking PALEO!” Calm down, imaginary Zenithite. Tomorrow we’re going to post some great resources for you guys both for research (so you can have some questions to ask Theresa on Thursday) and for recipes. Tonight is primarily a getting-you-the-details night. If you’re really freaking out, you can check out Barb’s blog, The Cooking WOD, for some recipes that we’ve tried and liked. That way, you know someone firsthand who’s cooked whatever it is you’re going to try to cook and can run to with questions.

As for the challenge itself, we’ll kick it off the Monday after the talk. That’ll give you the weekend to get your kitchen in order, get rid of the bad and bring in the good. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t start clearing out things right now, right?

So, to summarize:
Saturday 1/11/14: MOMP & Goal Setting Talk
Thursday 1/16/14: Paleo Talk & Potluck and Challenge is Revealed
Monday 1/20/14: Paleo Challenge Begins

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