One More Announcement: 4:30 Classes!

By May 22, 2014 wod No Comments

Today’s a quick one, even though I know there were two things I was going to talk about. Instead, I’ll talk about the one thing I remember: a new class time available.

Due to a combination of overwhelming demand and the explosion of people in the 5:30 PM class, we’re going to start offering a 4:30 PM class next week. This will ease the strain on the 5:30 class and make it a little easier for you folks who get off work early to get home early as well.

The 4:30 PM classes will start on Tuesday the 27th, since Monday is Memorial Day. With that in mind, I’ll also remind you about next week’s schedule.

There will be only one workout on Monday the 26th (Memorial Day) and that workout will be at 10:00 AM. Bring some food and drink that you like and think other folks will like and we’ll be having a little cookout after the workout.

Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st we’ll have no classes, since Barb and I will be in Canton, MA to watch the CrossFit Northeast Regional. There’s more info in Wednesday’s blog post about buying tickets and such if you’d like to come join us for the weekend.

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