November 2014 Member Accomplishments

We introduced the new “Accomplishment Board” halfway through November and boy did our members step up!

  1. Ray was determined to come to the gym every day for a full week and he did that! Consistency is key! He also did a split jerk for the very first time and got 165 pounds!
  2. Mary lost about 18-ish pounds in the Whole Life Challenge!
  3. Jordain is in the 300 club for Fight Gone Bad getting a score of 312 for the Whole Life Challenge re-test AND she lost 4.5 inches!
  4. Phil went up by 56 points in Fight Gone Bad from the beginning to the end of the Whole Life Challenge AND he lost a whole ¼ inch!!
  5. Phil and Pete also started recording their workouts in their journals!
  6. Mark got a 315lb back squat and a 415lb deadlift!
  7. Carol and Daniel both flipped the big 350 lb tire on their first try!
  8. Dorrey had a huge month! She went all the way across the monkey bars on her first try after assuring us “she could never do something like that”. She accomplished her goal of doing one perfect plank pushup, and she jumped WAY out of her comfort zone by signing up for the Ragnar Race. She also flipped the 350 lb tire during a workout like it was nothing! No going back to the little tire now! AND she was the overall winner of the Whole Life Challenge!

Way to go everyone!

I don’t know why they even let me come to the gym. I was an ever-fattening stay-home dad in dire need of a fitness jump-start, so my buddy offered me his one-month free certificate, but I couldn’t afford to stay once that expired. My presence would cost the gym money, full stop. But we checked with Coach, whose response was ‘if we can teach him sound, safe practices and get him rolling, that’s worth it. Bring him.’ I worked my ass off that month, and learned to do it right. Five months later, I’m about to rock the Tough Mudder at fifty pounds lighter–no shit–and it’s all from training at home according to what I did in that one month. Coach and Barb treated me like they treated everyone else: with affection, focus, and care. Those people had absolutely no reason to be so good to me; in fact, they had measurable reasons not to.  But they turned my weak ass around, and their infectious cheer made it easy to believe it could happen.  What a blessing to have brushed up against their glorious gym. Thank you, guys.
–Justin Meadows

My first experience with CrossFit Zenith happened even before the doors were open. It was an idea – a calling – Brian had that needed to be brought to life. Even from the start, I’ve been impressed with how much time, effort, love and life Brian has poured into these gray and purple walls. I saw the space go from the blank white of a former cabinet workshop to a place that welcomes and pushes all who decide to change their lives. When you walk into Zenith, it’s hard not to be inspired and ready to lift heavy things. If you do walk in, don’t be surprised if lots of good changes start to happen.

I don’t live in Connecticut, and CrossFit Zenith isn’t my primary CrossFit gym, but every few months I spend a week in New Haven for work, and I choose to work out at Zenith. Programming is solid and has an emphasis on strength, which I appreciate coming from my regular strength-focused programming at my home gym in Lorton, VA. Well, besides the running. So much running. I love that the workouts challenge everyone in the class, no matter the skill level or experience.

Having been around block with CrossFit gyms, I can feel when a gym fits and when it doesn’t. Brian and Barb have not just made Zenith a place to improve your physical health, but also a place to call home.
–Kirsten Cartoski Pudas

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