No Evening Classes

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This is a nice quick one because there are two points to drill into your head for today.

No 5:30PM or 6:30PM classes tonight (Tuesday) due to the Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” thingie we’re throwing. We’ll have some snack trays or the like and give the businessfolk a chance to find out what CrossFit and CrossFit Zenith in particular are all about. So since you’re not going to be working out and now have at least a spare hour, why don’t you come to this function and help spread the love of CrossFit? We can always use more people to talk about what it is, what it’s like and what it’s done for people. Plus, I’ll probably be a little distracted running little mini-WODs for people, so Barb could probably use some talking and corralling help. The function lasts from 5PM-7PM and it’s open to Chamber members and our gym members.

Wednesday, we’re back to full schedule and with good reason: Wednesday is Snatch Day! Between the number of you who have been figuring out the clean and the high possibility of the snatch showing up in the Open (I’m betting on the third round), we’re going to have a full class of snatching on Wednesday so we can start incorporating that skill into our workouts.

Speaking of the Open, even if you’re not going to compete, you can still follow along with what’s happening and get caught up in the excitement. When I started doing CrossFit in 2010, it was initially just another workout for me. Fortunately my coach qualified to make it to the Games in Carson City, CA so Barb and I watched the Games that year and got hooked on CrossFit. So make sure you like the CrossFit Games page on Facebook so you can watch all the videos and read all the stories they’re producing. Also, each night they’ll have an update show and as luck would have it, Monday night was the first one. Click this link to get a rundown of the top men in the Games.

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