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First, if you haven’t yet, go see the documentary Fed Up. It will make you feel a little hopeless and a lot angry, but it’s a righteous anger that’ll help fuel your thinking about nutrition. It’s having a limited run at the Criterion in New Haven and we suspect it’ll be a VERY limited run, so go see it ASAP. Now on with the more specific CFZ happenings.

  • Tuesday is Alvaro’s last WOD with us! Alvaro has a new job and he’s moving to San Diego, so today will be his last WOD with us. We’re going to miss him terribly, but we’re happy we got him started on his crazy CrossFit journey. Make sure you come work out tomorrow night so you can tell him goodbye!
  • We now have a fan fund. You might have noticed the little “Fan Fund” box sitting out on the cubbies. Since we still don’t have enough members to get positive cash flow, we could use your help to get us some fans in the gym. These are the big industrial floor models that’ll help move all that humid air around the gym. We’re hoping we can get the fans locked down before it starts to get really hot in here, so every little bit helps.
  • Memorial Day (next Monday), we will only have one class at 10:00AM. I don’t want to give away what the workout will be, but it rhymes with “furf.” One big advantage of holding the WOD at 10: that puts us that much closer to lunch time! We’ll bring some food, you guys can bring some food, we’ll drag out the grill and have a nice little post-WOD cookout/hangout.
  • The gym will be closed on May 30th & 31st. We’re going to the NorthEast Regional next week, which takes place on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We’ll be there for all three days, but you can come over for just a day if you like. I highly recommend attending at least one day of the competition, because it will give you a whole new idea of what CrossFit can be. They’re held at the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA and you can buy tickets for the competition at this link. Hotel rooms are probably going to be in short supply, but Barb and I are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Brockton, MA if you want to give them a try first. It’s on 405 Westgate Drive, just in case there are multiple Holiday Inn Expresses around there.
  • The new shirts are almost here! According to the latest tracking information, the new shirts should be here some time Wednesday. Depending on when they arrive, we may or may not have them all sorted out into who got what, but we’ll definitely have that figured out by Thursday.
  • We might have Atlas Stone molds by then too! For those of you who were around here at Christmas, you may remember the very generous Rogue gift certificate you guys gave us. After hopefully waiting for an “everything is a dollar” sale that never appeared, I pulled the trigger on the tool that will give us the most bang for our buck. Sadly, the fans they have are really expensive, but the atlas stone molds fit perfectly. It’ll be a couple of weeks before we have our first two (they need time to cure) and a few weeks after that before we have enough to use in regular workouts, but the ball (stone) is rolling!
  • Don’t forget to sign up for El Diablo! I took it off the whiteboard to make sure everyone knew we’d be closed next Friday/Saturday, but we’re still trying to get everyone we can to run the El Diablo Race. I want to have a big CFZ team there and I’ll even be running, so you know it can’t be all that bad. Here’s the previous post about the race to get you all fired up and give you a link to register. What the…? It seems I haven’t actually put the link and information on the website. Looks like I have the subject for tomorrow’s post!

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