New Shipment of T-Shirts!

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This one’s a brief one so we get the three main points across – tomorrow will be for exposition on wandering subjects.

Next Thursday, October 31st, will be our First Annual CrossFit Zenith Halloween WOD! The WOD is going to be in place of the 6:30 PM class ’cause there’s just no sense in running through a cemetery in the daylight, right? Wear a costume, bring snacks/alcohol, prepare to have a good time and possible kill a few zombies. Or ghosts. Oooo… ghost zombies!

The second thing is, we just got a new shipment in of our “Shit Just Got Real” t-shirts, so if we didn’t have your size before, we’ve damn sure got it now. Though if you’re an XXL, you might want to rush over and get yours, ’cause we don’t have quite as many of those. If you haven’t taken a good look at the shirts, we have ye olde “Shit Just Got Real” model:

Model not included

Model not included

And we have the sweet new “Definition” model:

Model included for a fee

Model included for a fee

Both can be yours for the low low price of $20 each! A deal at twice the price!

Last main point: the Main Site. As of this morning, we’re finally on the mainsite! Our last step in officiality is complete! I think! If you scroll waaaaaaaaaay down the page, you’ll see us on the left just above the Non-profits. Better yet, use your browser’s “search in page,” ’cause I guarantee you’ll spend way too long scrolling up and down. This will let us do a few other things now, so current members, keep an eye on your email!

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