New Schedule Begins This Week!

By June 22, 2014 wod No Comments

This week marks the start of our new schedule, so I figured I’d explain it out here on the blog all official-like. First, we’ll talk times and days, then we’ll talk details. Here’s the new schedule:

Monday-Friday (Regular Classes)
5:30AM, 6:30AM, 9:30AM, Noon, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
Saturday (Regular Classes)
8:00AM, 9:00AM, Noon

As you can see, we have a little bit of time-shifting in the morning along with two early classes rather than one. Just like with the original 6:00AM class, you’ll need to sign up for the 5:30AM & 6:30AM classes by 9:00PM the night before the class you want to attend. If you don’t make it to a class you’ve signed up for, you’ll still be doing 20 burpees at the start of the next class you attend. Fun!

We’re also adding two more classes to Saturday! The 9:00AM is still both a regular workout and our free intro workout, so if you have someone who wants to try CrossFit with us, bring them to that 9:00AM Saturday class.

Last, we’ll be having an open gym hour on Sunday at 9:00AM. This is time to practice skills or make up a workout you might have missed during the week. You don’t need to have an open gym membership for this hour, but you do need to have an unlimited membership to take advantage of the hour. If you’re a 3x/week member and want to get in a little open gym time on Sundays, let me know and we can bump up your membership plan.

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