New Classes and a Schedule Change

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So, I think I’ve talked to most of the regulars about this, but just so everyone knows what’s going on, we’ve got a couple of slight changes to our offerings and schedule.

We’re starting a new type of class called “CFZ Light,” made for people who aren’t sure if CrossFit is right for them. They’ve probably seen the CrossFit Games and are thinking there’s no way they can do the things those people do. We know that they’re right, since none of us can either, but we need to give them a little time to figure out that you can do CrossFit without being a Games-level athlete.

This is kind of an intro class for an intro class. The movements will be simpler (no Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting, hence the “Light”), the class will be shorter (45 minutes) and will be primarily metcon-based. There will be two CFZ Light classes per day, one at 7:00AM and one at 4:45PM. Two things you’ll notice about this: First, we’re changing our 5:00PM class to 5:30PM to fit in the afternoon CFZ Light class. Second, the CFZ Light classes bump up against our regular classes because, let’s face it, you guys are our best salesmen. Seeing that all of us normal people do CrossFit is going to help all the other normal people realize CrossFit is doable by everyone. While it’s great to get people in the door, our broader goal is to just get more people doing CrossFit. Hopefully this will lower a mental barrier some people might have to giving CrossFit a try.

So, at some point you’ll hopefully see a few new scared faces wandering around the gym. Just be your usual awesome friendly selves and we’ll really get this thing moving. If you know someone who’s interested, we’re running a Groupon for the classes right now that’ll save them some money.

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