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Remember: NO 6:00AM or 9:00AM CLASSES on FRIDAY!

A word of warning before this post kicks off: it’s almost midnight and I’ve had a couple of Woodchucks, so this could get weird (which I just spelled with an “f” for some reason).

Tonight was a really great night. We had our Halloween WOD and we got a great group of people together to sweat and have fun. But what made this night so great was the thing that makes every night here so great: the AfterWOD. I may get a little “I love you guys here,” but just because I’m a little tipsy doesn’t make it any less true. If I could boil down what I want CrossFit Zenith to be in one picture, this would be it:

This is why I do what I do.

This is why I do what I do.

I’ve joked with people that we want to foster a community of great people who hang out and just happen to do a workout and get fit on the side, and it’s already happening. Every night after the 6:30PM WOD, this is where we all wind up. Just hanging out and talking. Relaxing. Laughing. And you know what? Every time I think about it, it absolutely blows my mind.

Here are these people who are not only willing to put their faith in me by giving me money so they can play with us, but once the playing is done, they stick around. They want to be here, and that thrills and humbles me at the same time. Everyone has all kinds of crazy stuff going on in their lives, but they’re still willing to put things on hold to stick around here for just a little while more. There’s no way to express just what an honor it is to be given that gift night after night.

And to top it off, they’re even willing to stick around and hang out with me for hours even after I do something like this to them:

Seriously, this is some Beautiful Mind shit right there.

Seriously, this is some Beautiful Mind shit right there.

I’ve heard it said that coaches putting together their first event WODs go over the top and make things too complicated. I don’t see it – guess I’m the exception to the rule. Seriously though, it was a lot simpler once everyone got moving, just like I planned. Yeah, that’s what we’ll go with. I have a feeling this whiteboard will live on in infamy.

So to all the folks who were able to make it tonight and all of the ones who weren’t able to but really wanted to, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We built this gym, outfitted it and went through all the craziness to open the doors, but none of that was ever our dream. Our dream is what we had tonight on those green couches, and you guys are making that dream more real every night. We’ve got great things here brewing at CrossFit Zenith and it’s all due to you folks.

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