Murph Monday and Kristine Kongrats

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Monday’s only class is at 10:00 AM. Come for the workout, stay for the food! Bring your favorite food/drink and we’ll all collapse in a pile around the grill when this WOD is over. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are regular days, each of which have the addition of our new 4:30 PM class. Friday and Saturday we’ll be closed to go watch the Northeast Regional.

Monday we’ll be doing the quintessential hero WOD, Murph. Murph is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. This hero WOD was first posted back in August of 2005 and since then, Murph has had many other honors. He’s had a high school, a park, a combat training pool, a Sea Cadet unit, a post office and oh yeah, a Navy destroyer named after him. If you’ve watched a recent film called Lone Survivor, you watched a dramatization of Murph’s last operation.

As with all hero workouts, it’s ugly and brutal to remind you of the things these heroes went through. In this particular case, this was one of Murph’s favorite WODs. And hey, it’s all bodyweight movements – how hard could that be, right?

Most of you have been doing this long enough now to know just how crazy that statement is. When you get to the gym, we’ll talk strategy, we’ll talk pacing and we’ll talk scaling. All three of which are essential to make it to the end of this. Trust me, there will be several times you’ll think you’ve bit off more than you can chew, but you’re ready for this. You will be amazed at your sense of accomplishment after this workout is done and in the books.

So as you’re grinding through this workout, think about Murph and all of our military out there and the horrendous conditions they have to deal with. If you start thinking about how long you’ve been doing the workout as the minutes tick by, just imagine working out for a little over five hours. That’s what Kristine just did on Saturday when she completed the Vermont City Marathon!

20140526 - Kristine Marathon

Congratulations, Kristine! We’re all super-proud of you here at CFZ!

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