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Let’s talk motivation today. There are typically two types of motivation: internal and external. You can probably guess how this works, but just in case you’re a little slow on the uptake, internal motivation comes from within; from goal setting, the pursuit of happiness, or certain neuroses. External motivation comes from the outside and is what we’re going to discuss today.

The motivation for this post (see what I did there?) is that lump you see up at the top of the page. Phoebe was great for the first week of the gym being open. The first few mornings were greeted by leaping out of bed, tail wagging, and rushing over to sit at her “put on the leash” spot. A little later in the week, it took a little more prompting and encouragement to get her out of bed and out the door. Cajoling, finger snapping, collar jangling, each day took a little more effort. Saturday and Sunday, she got to stay at home alllllll day long. No early wake-up call, no walking out the door at five in the morning, no cold gym couch to warm up.

This morning was a different Phoebe. No amount of words or noises could get her out of bed. She had to be physically dragged/lifted/carried out of bed, growling the entire way. Sound familiar?

When Barb and I first started CrossFit, we did it together. We had to go to the 6AM class because the gym was far enough away from our jobs that we couldn’t make any other times. This turned out to be beneficial in two ways. First, we got to be part of an awesome morning crew. Morning people are a little… different… than other people. Second, we always had that external motivation. If one of us didn’t want to go work out and tried to pull a Phoebe, the other would drag them out the door kicking and screaming.

Having internal motivation is great, but sometimes you need a dose of the external motivation as well. That’s one of the things that makes CrossFit so great: the community becomes your external motivation. Even if you don’t have someone at home to push you out of the bed, there’s probably someone at the gym who’s expecting to see you there. And chances are, you were their motivation as well.

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