More Snow!

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5:30 and 6:30 classes are on! Be careful if you come in for the 5:30 – there’s a guy with a big front-end loader out there plowing the entranceway to the gym. He’s pretty easy to see – look for the big yellow vehicle. Remember, if you wear your gym shoes in the snow, you’re doing burpees for the whole hour. Seriously.

Well, we’ve got more of the white stuff coming in tomorrow, so it’s going to be another iffy morning. Weatherman and fellow CrossFitter Gil Simmons posted this rundown of what’ll happen earlier this morning. There’s also a little more recent forecast on there from Erika Martin, but I can’t verify her CrossFitting status. Of course, all that being said, a lot of it depends upon when the parking lot starts getting cleared. So expect less parking and lots of little spots of ice as you walk up to the door.

Make sure you get your Clean Eating Challenge points in to me ASAP! If we do get a crapton of snow, I’ll be able to get it all into a pretty spreadsheet and let you guys know who’s leading at the halfway(ish) point!

Also, kudos to our situp challenge crew! Looks like they’re all going strong – keep up the great work!

Speaking of crew, in case you didn’t notice it on Facebook yesterday, we had a whopping four people in our 6AM on Monday! Ray didn’t know what to do with all the people around.

6AM is peeeeeople! Specifically Kristine, Ray, Kenneth and Mehida.

6AM is peeeeeople! Specifically Kristine, Ray, Kenneth and Mehida.

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