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Most of us coaches have heard it a million times: “But it’s harder that way.”

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You’re just blazing away on your wall squats or push-ups or, let’s call them shoulder presses, and your loving coach has you make an adjustment. Bringing those feet more parallel, making you get chest to deck, stopping your knee bending and swaying and squirming. Suddenly the movement is a lot more difficult than it was when you were flinging yourself about all willy nilly. Respect that difficulty. Learn to seek it out.

It’s pretty safe to say that when you’re still new to CrossFit, if it doesn’t feel hard, you’re doing it wrong.

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CrossFit is difficult. It takes time to do things the right way and do them efficiently enough that everything feels right. Yes, you could walk right in off the street and pick up a bar and put it down. It might feel relatively easy to do that and you might wind up spending the next couple of weeks unable to move out of the bed.

Doing things the right way, the safe way, is difficult. Loading the proper muscles during a lift, breathing the right way, holding your body in the right position. These are all things you have to learn and it takes time. These are also things that can feel pretty easy if you’re doing them wrong. Easy until you get hurt.

So follow this easy rule of thumb: if something feels easy, ask me to watch you do the movement. When things go amazingly well, the first reaction should have at least a tinge of suspicion. Sometimes you make great strides all at once. Sometimes those strides are just steps around a problem.

Remember: no one comes to CrossFit for it to be easy. We come to CrossFit because it’s hard.

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