Live Beyond Compare

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How many times have you gotten depressed, comparing yourself to everyone on Facebook? When I was in the middle of writing yesterday’s post, a couple of members were talking to each other about this very thing.

It’s so easy to look through your Facebook timeline, especially at this time of year, and think that everyone else is doing so much better than you are. New babies, new pets, new homes, new lives. Holidays surrounded by loving families. So much happiness and joy and success – how can you compete?

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”
-Steve Furtick

Facebook is a horrible tool in this regard. You may be friends with people you went to school with who seem so successful and happy. Who have all of the things you wish you had. Who just seems so… put together.

Guess what. They’re probably thinking the same thing about you.

Facebook statuses tend to be of three flavors:

  1. “Look how awesome my life is!”
  2. Random links to things they’ve found
  3. Strange, non-specific statement of depression.

As you see from this highly scientific list and from your own Timeline, there’s not a lot of everyday grind posting on there. Most of us realize no one wants to read that kind of stuff, but most of us also forget that it doesn’t mean that stuff’s not still happening.

Same goes for in the gym. You might be in envious awe of your co-athlete’s humongous deadlift, but you don’t realize just how much they’re envious of how well you run. You may wish you had their massive squat, while they’re wishing they could fit into normal clothes the way you can.

So when you start trying to compare yourself to others, do yourself a favor: don’t. Just focus on being the best you you can be and let all the other chips fall as they may.

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