Keep Up the Great Work Gang!

By November 5, 2013 wod No Comments

I didn’t get a chance to mention it with all of the “hey look at our new things” stuff I had to put in yesterday’s post, but on Monday we had almost everyone one of our members show up to class! We even had all of the racks full in the 6:30 PM class! Kind of a weird feeling having to look at all of these people again, but I can get used to it :)

Tuesday was a little bit lighter (yay, back squats!) but that just means everyone’s going to be rested and ready to go on Wednesday, right? RIGHT?

Tonight’s going to be a quick one because you guys are beaten up and I’ve gotta go scrub some floors. So, to help you guys get mobile and ready to get to work tomorrow, here’s a video from CrossFit Mobility Guru, Kelly Starrett, to help limber up some of those aching pieces. His site is always a great resource, though now that he has a subscription option, it can take a little bit of digging to get to the free stuff. Once you do though, he’s a treasure trove of information and video goodness. Do a little of this work tonight if you’re one of those “read the post as soon as the link goes up” people. See you Wednesday!

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