Fall Challenge Time!

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It’s time for our first challenge in our new home!


It’s simple.  Just jump rope!  Pick up a tracking calendar at the gym and each day that you do any jump roping, write your score down on the calendar.  You can only earn points for jumping rope at the gym.  Classes in progress get priority of gym floor space.  Come to class early! Stay after class (until Brian kicks you out)!  Come to Open Gym!  Wanna jump and there’s a class going on?  Jump in the Oly room!  There’s an Oly class going on too?  Jump outside the garage door!  The weather is still nice!

Each single under counts as 1 point, each double under counts as 2 points.

“But I don’t have double unders yet!”.  Well, now’s the perfect time to practice.  Do a few singles, then add in a double.  Try single – double – single – double.  Whatever you need to do!  Just keep accurate track.  Remember, we’re using the honor system here.

Practice makes permanent!

The challenge starts this Sunday 9/24.  Come to open gym and get started! 

Keep your calendars at the gym and the person who has the most jumps at the end of each week wins the weekly prize  – a free FitAid!  The person who jumps the most by the end of the challenge on Friday November 3 wins the grand prize – a CFZ Hoodie!!


Do you think you have what it takes to beat our current members at a jump rope challenge?  Join us and show us what you’ve got!  Click here for more information:


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