January 2015 Member Accomplishments

You guys just keep crushing it! Here are your accomplishments for January:

  1. Carol M surprised herself with a 20lb deadlift PR of 143 (x3)!
  2. Jay keeps getting stronger and put up some impressive numbers this month:  deadlift 315 (x3); backsquat 245 (x3); front squat 165 (x3)!
  3. Kelly got her very first PR with a deadlift of 143 (x3)!
  4. Suzanne also go her first PR with a deadlift of 113 (x3) AND made the Yankee Brutals roller derby team!
  5. Sarah’s hard work is paying off because she was able to flip the BIG tire and got a deadlift PR of 160 (x3) and string together 2 double unders!
  6. Ronny keeps on showing up and we’re so proud of him!
  7. Before she was taken down by the flu, Robyne put up a shoulder press PR of 53 (x3)
  8. Another big month for Mark:  front squat PR of 215 (x3); power clean PR of 205 (x3) and push press PR of 195 (x2)
  9. Paul is making big strides at the gym and got a backsquat PR of 175 (x5); deadlift PR of 215 (x3) and schooled us all on how to hold a plank by doing one for 2.5 minutes!
  10. Barb managed a shoulder press PR of 77 (x1) and a backsquat PR of 155 (x3)
  11. Will is kicking ass and put up a deadlift PR of 205 (x3) and a push press PR of 98 (x3)
  12. Dorrey is showing her grit by continuing an amazing stream of PRs:  deadlift 205 (x5); backsquat 160 (x5); shoulder press 83 (x3); push press 113 (x3) and she completed Fight Gone Bad totally RXd!
  13. Carol B stepped out of her comfort zone and signed up for the Ragnar Relay Race!
  14. Jordain was also busy kicking ass this month:  deadlift 185 (x3); backsquat 123 (x5); front squat 108 (x5)  – and she did the math all  by herself!!  Gym math is hard!
  15. … and last, but not least…  Dorrey and Barb finished the Whole 30!  30 days of eating strict Paleo.  Dorrey lost 6 pounds, Barb lost 12 and they both feel amazing and will keep up this way of eating!


I saw the CrossFit Zenith brochure lying around in my company’s public area, I always think a good exercise will improve my health condition. My first impression about CrossFit is that the workout will be close to what humans would do in the natural environment. I try to re-wild myself, I think I like it a lot. I am working on weight lifting to challenge the maximum weight that I can lift.
–Yu Fu

How I became a part of the Zenith Family…  My daughter is a gymnast at John’s Academy of Gymnastics a few doors down from Zenith.  I was trying to get motivated to become more active and live a healthier lifestyle, so I thought joining a gym was a step in the right direction.  Joining a gym was a good step, but I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.   It was hard to self motivate and “push” that extra bit working out by myself at a regular gym. It’s much easier among friends at CrossFit Zenith. I was so impressed with my first conversation with Barb. She was enthusiastic without being overzealous or intimidating. I left after that thinking “I can do this”! Guess what? I am doing it and feel great mentally and physically!  I have found a gym where I can achieve my goals with great coaching and great people to share the journey.

–Sarah Cerrone

Brian – you continue to inspire and encourage all of us who have had the fortune to train with you. Wishing you all the best on your birthday. Keep doing what you do.
–Anne Kellett


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