It’s Time to Get All NSA Up in Here

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Don’t forget! No 6:30 PM class Friday due to the Holiday Party at 7:00 PM!

Now that we’ve all known each other for a little while, sweated and groaned and worked together, it’s time to start digging deeper. You know what they always say: you never know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes read a blog post about them.

At some point in the next few days (that’s SqWatts Time, so give it a month or so), I’ll be sending out a little questionnaire to everyone. This questionnaire will ask you some things about yourself to find out what makes you tick and who you are outside this gym. Then, every once in awhile, these Member Profile posts will start popping up as the post of the day so everyone gets to know a little more about you. Be as open or as cagey as you want. The less information you give me, the more I’ll make up :) This way we can all learn about the people we’re sweating next to.

And find out why Anthony always breaks out into a freestyle dance routine mid-WOD.

And find out why Anthony always breaks out into a freestyle dance routine mid-WOD.

To give you an example and simultaneously dive on the grenade, a sample question might be “Tell us one surprise thing most people probably don’t know about you.” I know one thing many of you probably don’t know about me, since few of you have braved the confines of my office:

If you can name the quote source, you're in the right gym.

If you can name the quote source, you’re in the right gym.

That’s one of the more recent Crossstitches I’ve done. It’s something I picked up back in the chemo days to help me shut my brain off with constant repetitive movements. In fact, if you had stopped by before class this afternoon, you would have found me in the office working on the latest secret project with Mozart blaring on the computer.

Now you know SO much more about me, right? Don’t worry, there will be a lot more questions than this so we can round everyone out in our minds. Well, not a lot lot, just more than one question. And like everything else we do around here, it will wind up being a lot more fun that it appears on first glance.

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