It’s Benchmark Time!

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The storm was wimpy: all classes today are on! Remember to wear your outside shoes outside and your workout shoes inside. Otherwise, SO many burpees.

So today is our “Before” Benchmark WOD for the Paleo Challenge. Be sure you’re here to do the workout today. If for some reason you can’t come in, you’ll need to email me to set up another time/day to do the workout. The new time will not be a regular class time because of the way the workout works.

Today, we’ve got what I’m calling the CFZ Fight Gone Bad. In the future, this will be the version of Fight Gone Bad that we do whenever we do it. The sole difference is the substitution of kettlebell swings for the sumo deadlift high pulls. You’ll notice that there are some new numbers behind the kettlebell swings – 70 pounds for men, 53 for the women. This means that whatever weight you usually use for kettlebell swings, you’re moving up to the next size, because we’re going heavy for this one. Don’t worry though – we’re still doing Russian kettlebell swings, so the rest is the same, just heavier.

If you missed the last time we did Fight Gone Bad, you’re in for a treat. You’re going to want to start by reading the previous blog post I wrote about the workout. It’ll give you a little bit of the workout’s history as well as some strategery to get through this successfully.

A key difference this time is, you need to push your pace up a notch. While it’s important to leave a little in the tank for each successive round, we really want to test your fitness with this one. By the third round, you should be working at your maximum output and have absolutely nothing left in the tank. Remember, this is the opening WOD before the challenge, so we want an accurate gauge to track your progress. That way five weeks from now, you can just push as hard as possible like you did today and know for certain how much you’ve improved.

So find your snowshoes and wipe the ice off your car and get in here! It’s Fight Gone Bad time.

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