If the Shoe Fits…

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When we try to teach empathy to others, we often use the phrase “Try walking a mile in their shoes.” While it’s good to put yourself in other people’s shoes from time to time, but it’s important to remember that it’s still you in their shoes.

To take the shoe analogy another step, I may be having a rough time walking because my shoes are a little too tight or bind up in all the wrong places and give me blisters. When you try walking in my shoes, you might have a smaller foot and not notice all the niggling little pains that constantly wear me down.

This is what we need to remember, both in life and in CrossFit. Even though we might think we can put ourselves in someone’s mind/viewpoint/situation, we don’t know all the fine little details that have brought them to this point.

Maybe that person is slow in the running WODs because of a childhood car accident. Maybe that person is taking a breather in the wall balls because a month ago they were thirty pounds heavier and lying on a couch. Maybe that person who’s all snippy and biting everyone’s heads off has not only had a really lousy day, but a lousy week, month or life and they’ve reached a breaking point.

It’s easy to slip into those shoes and think you understand how someone is walking. Just remember that there’s going to be a lot more under the surface influencing their stride that you can’t possibly know about.

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