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You’ve probably heard people talking about the Open and the CrossFit Games and such and you might be wondering what’s going on and how this all works. If so, this post is for you.

“What is the CrossFit Open?”
The CrossFit Open is the first step to the CrossFit Games. The top 40 athletes in each region will move on to the Regionals, then the top athletes from each region are headed to the Games. For five weeks, every Thursday night at 8:00PM the next workout will be announced to the world. Athletes then have until the following Monday at 8:00PM to perform the workout and have their scores submitted to the CrossFit Games website, where they’ll then see how they rank against all the other CrossFitters around the world. The CrossFit Open is available to people of all types and skill levels – if you have $20 and the ability to type things on a computer, you can join in on the fun and excitement of the Open.

“Why should I sign up for the Open if I can’t qualify for the Games?”
The Open is a great way to test yourself against all the other CrossFitters out there and, as always, test yourself against yourself. Having someone judge your reps will give you an idea of how you’ve been doing with your movements in class. Having the coach tell you that your hips need to be below parallel at the bottom of a wall ball during a workout is a little different than having someone right next to you telling you your last rep didn’t count.

Participating in the Open also gives you the chance to push yourself. While there will usually be scaling options given in each workout, you can try to push yourself to do the workouts as prescribed for as long as possible. Even if you have to scale this week’s workout, you can still try to Rx next week’s.

“When does this all happen?”
The first workout will be announced next Thursday (2/23) at 8:00 PM. We’ll have a TV set up at the gym to watch the announcement and see the selected badasses perform it. On Friday, whatever was announced on Thursday (or possibly a slightly modified version) will be the workout of the day for all the classes. So even if you’re not signed up, you’ll still get an idea of what the workouts are like. Friday at 6:30 PM will be reserved for judging the people who signed up. If we have enough people sign up, this class might wind up being only for people registered in the Open. We’ll let everyone know well ahead of time so people who aren’t registered will know when they can work out. So if you sign up, mark the next 5 Fridays at 6:30 PM off your calendar.

“My dog just got sick and I can make this Friday’s workout! Am I screwed?”
If you can’t make the official judged class, you will be able to make up the workout during Sunday’s open gym ONLY IF YOU LET US KNOW BEFOREHAND. We need to know ahead of time so we can have a judge there. Similarly, you can’t just show up to a regular class if you need to be judged, as there may not be a judge there and the coach can’t coach and judge at the same time.

“You’ve convinced me – where do I sign up?”
Finally, an easy question. Register here to compete.

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