Happy Anniversary!

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Well, that was a crazy month. Crazy in parts, and really slow and lonely in others (sigh, 6 AM). Crazy and/or slow as it may have been at times, it was great and successful. Last night, we met member #10 and if you come to the WOD tomorrow night, you’ll get to meet Justin too.

We’ve had some good WODs and a couple of great WODs and whatever that Halloween thing was.

Seriously, this is some Beautiful Mind shit right there.

Seriously, this is some Beautiful Mind shit right there.

We’ve even started hitting PRs lately. On Wednesday Kaylyn added 8 pounds onto her 5 rep deadlift! Really telling in our success is Robyne. She started with us on the first day we were open and just sent us her one month comparison pictures. She’s already showing a dramatic difference in just one month. Enough so that her chiropractor, who is usually one of those “CrossFit is horrible” people, is actually opening his mind to what CrossFit can do for people.

On top of it, we’re becoming more tight knit and family-like. Rare has been the time that I’ve been able to get into my office before 8:00PM because we’ve all been crashed on the couch hanging out and talking and laughing.

All through the process of putting this gym together, most all of my dreams and goals have been met. When you walk through that door, you’re walking directly into my brain back in August. The big logo on the left wall, the words across the back wall, the hang out area, the office, the colors, the set-up, the layout. I would say a good 98% of what I imagined the gym would be became reality.

Of course, a gym isn’t just looks and where all the equipment is, it’s also the members. And you guys are 100% what I thought you’d be. You’re all great, caring, loving people. You’ve been supporting each other from the get-go and keeping each other coming in. You’ve been patient as we’ve figured out exactly how this gym works comes workout time and have been an immense help in coming up with new solutions for things as well as being our best advertisements. You’re all amazing and it astounds me that you keep coming back to see what’s going to happen next. It means more to us than you can know that you have faith in us and our system and you’re helping Barb and I realize our dream. There aren’t words enough to thank you.

Overly Attached Girlfriend up there is starting to seem sane and normal now, isn’t she?

Now, let’s talk about the next month at CFZ. We have three big events coming up, so get your calendars handy and lets mark this out.

  • Saturday, November 23: Our first MOMP. It starts at 9:00AM, is free for friends and family (the more the merrier), will include food and drinks (feel free to bring extra food and drinks as well. No sign up, because some of us are perfectly okay with everyone bringing nacho cheese Doritos. Or, you know, healthy stuff.), and will also have a screening of the new documentary American Weightlifting. It’ll be a fun and interesting day, so be sure to be there and drag people along with you!
  • Thursday, November 28: Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Friday, November 29: Turkey Hangover WOD at 10:00 AM only.
  • Friday, December 13: Members-only Holiday Party. Okay, yeah, members and their families, but you know we mean: The Zenith Crew. There’s a whiteboard sitting on the cubbies so everyone can sign up for whatever kind of food they’re bringing. No workout, just hanging out and eating.
  • Saturday December 14: The Merry Fucking Christmas Ugly Sweater MOMP. Again, bring everyone you can get your hands on. You’ll have on MOMP under your belt, so you’ll know how it will all work for the day. Plus it’s a holiday WOD, so you know what that means: I’m going to find a way to fill up the board again.

Let month two BEGIN!

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