Give Me That Old School Revolution

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Today I was thinking about being old. Specifically, I was hating Facebook and/or the internet at that particular moment and that made me think about the stereotypical old person’s problem with adapting to new technology. Granted, I’m not all that old, but I am creeping up on the age where technology is annoying at the very least.

As I usually do in these thoughtful periods, I took a couple of steps back to get a broader view of the issue. Like most people, when I was younger I scoffed at all the old folks who couldn’t cope with computers in the first place, then had more trouble when the internet came about and even more once cell phones became a regular thing. No kids, not smartphones. Cell phones.

Pretty much every kind of technology has been demonized through history. The printing press, radio, television, computers, the internet. Our communications platforms keep moving forward and each time it leaves behind a generation, that generation is the first one to proclaim the supposed dangers of the new technology. When you’re young and idealistic, these sound like the ravings of a madman. As you get older, they start to make more sense.

Technology itself isn’t evil, the same way a body of water isn’t evil. Both can be dangerous in certain situations, and the more of each you have in your life, the more your life changes to fit it in. If you’re surrounded by water, you live on a boat. If you’re surrounded by internet, you live through your devices. And much like a tidal wave can overwhelm that body of water, each new technology wipes out the traces of what followed before.

That’s what makes CrossFit so great. CrossFit itself is still pretty new in the grand scheme of fitness, but it’s not really brand new at its core. Break CrossFit down to its basics and you have a lot of old school movement there. Cleans, snatches, pull-ups, push-ups. Picking things up and putting them down. The things we do today in CrossFit are things that have been done for decades, if not centuries. Proven movements. Proven methodologies.

Sure, we can occasionally go racing after the shiny new thing (triple unders!), but at its heart CrossFit is very simple and basic. Move more to move better. Work out today to live tomorrow. Pick this thing up, take it over there and put it down. Support your comrades. If someone is suffering, help them. Concepts people of any age can agree upon and get behind fully.

It’s astounding to think that these concepts are revolutionary, but in a lot of ways they are. Walk into a 24 hour gym. Browse the fitness section of the book store (sorry – age thing, I mean Amazon). Turn on your TV to any lifestyle station. Everyone’s coming up with some latest greatest flash in the pan bullshit that offers immediate results. In this day and age it’s revolutionary to go back to the basics. To stick with the things that work. To use three pound dumbbells as paperweights. To get. Fucking. Strong.

Give me that old school revolution… It’s good enough for me.

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