Get Ready for Our First MOMP!

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Saturday the 23rd of November is going to be the day of our first MOMP – the Middle Of the Month Party. Granted, this weekend would be more the middle of the month, but we’ve got something special planned.

Like all of our eventual MOMPs, we’ll meet here at the usuall class time (9:00 AM) for a partner WOD. It won’t be a typical kind of partner WOD, because we’re going to do things we haven’t done before and make it more of a playtime experience. We might throw in some strongman stuff or some mental acuity stuff or work in some new toy that I’ve found. Basically, since it’s the MOMP, it’s going to be a nonstandard workout that’ll be a lot of fun.

After the workout, it’s hangout time! We’ll fire up the grill (assuming there’s not ten feet of snow outside), bring out the drinks and have a good old time. That would be the “Party” part of the equation. Occasionally as part of the MOMP, we’ll do something as a group, whether it’s card/board games, random lawn-style games (assuming Mark and I can get some lawn darts fabricated), an expedition to some other location for fun or something totally different. Like all Saturdays, it’ll be a free workout for you to bring your friends and family to and they’re all welcome to hang out with us afterwards. We’ve got a great family here, and I want everyone to be able to witness the greatness.

For this MOMP, our special extra is going to be a screening of the new documentary, American Weightlifting. Sadly, it’s being released on the 16th, so it wouldn’t be here in time for us to have a true MOMP date-wise.

As we get closer to the MOMP date (AKA: sometime next week), we’ll discuss more details in case folks want to bring things to eat/drink/play. In the meantime, there’s another date to mark off on your calendar: 11/23. Since you’ve already marked off 12/13 for the member’s dinner party and 12/14 for the Merry Fucking Christmas Ugly Sweater WOD, right (more about those on the blog at a later date)?

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