For Something Greater

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DON’T FORGET: This Wednesday, there will be NO 5:30 PM class. All other classes will take place as scheduled.

Side note before we get started here: wear long socks to Tuesday’s workout. Your legs will thank you.

My head’s been in kind of a weird space today after finding out a dear friend lost someone very close to them over the weekend. I won’t go into much more than that ’cause I don’t want to drag his private matters out here into the internet. I mention it because today’s headspace is (naturally) what led me to the words you’re about to read carefully and take to heart. Right? RIGHT?

Anyway, today I’ve been thinking of memories and memorials. Not just in the CrossFit sense, but in the greater outside-the-gym sense which naturally (in my world) brings it right back into the gym again. Why do we have memorials or do things in memory of people or incidents or the like? Sure, part of it is a show of honor: that’s the obvious bit. Often though, there’s something deeper to it, especially here in the CrossFit world with our Hero WODs and other memorial WODs. In addition to honoring memories, there’s also the sense of holding yourself up to a higher standard. Of performing an act for something far greater than yourself.

That is a powerful thing. Powerful for the heart, the mind, the soul. Holding yourself accountable to something or someone greater, forcing yourself to take that next step in the process because failure to do so would somehow taint the memories of those past. And it’s not just a religious thing either – you can be holding yourself to higher standards because they’re looking down and watching you, or you can hold yourself to those standards because it’s what they would have done.

In a way, it’s a shame that these are the times when we bring out the most of ourselves, striving to be something greater for someone else. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing preventing you from living that way every second of your life.

Okay, there’s one thing preventing you: it’s hard. Holding yourself up to a constant high standard; whether it’s how you interact with people around you, how you perform your job duties or how deep your squat is. We live in an age of Participant trophies. Don’t be a participant. Spend a day, just one day, doing everything your best possible way. It might help you this one time to memorialize your actions. To be this better version of yourself in honor of your grandparents or your first pet or that friend you lost on your last tour of duty.

An even better way to approach it? Do it in memory of yourself. Do it to honor the you you’ll eventually be. Do it in memory of the old you who couldn’t do these things before. Do it for you: past, present and future. Just one day, be you.

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