FitAID is Here! And a MOMP is Coming!

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First up, this Saturday is our May MOMP (Middle of the Month Party)! At 9:00, bring all of your friends and family down for a fun workout along with some hanging out and eating/drinking afterwards, weather permitting. The workout is free for everyone, so if you’re a 3x/week member and you’ve been dying to get in on a Saturday workout, now’s your chance!

Those of you who worked out last night may have noticed a new little addition to the gym sitting over on the cubbies.

20140515 - FitAID Fridge

That little gem there is going to hold some MIRACLE FLUID! Well, maybe not miracle fluid, but a great recovery drink. We’re going to start stocking FitAID at the gym for your post-workout recovery needs. Our philosophy on selling things at the gym is that we’ll only sell the things that we ourselves want or use. We’ve looked into a few different brands of drink and this one checks off all the right boxes. It’s paleo friendly, gluten free, all natural, no artificial stuff and it weighs in at a mere 45 calories. They’ve also packed in a lot of good supplements (glutamine & BCAAs, glucosamine, several different vitamins and Omega 3’s) and yet it still tastes good! Even better, no aftertaste! It mighht sound like I’m glossing over a lot of stuff, but that’s because they’ve got a nifty promotional video about all the good stuff (and swipes at the energy drinks, of course).

There’s also a handy dandy little chart of all the internal goodness for those who would rather read than watch people draw:

20140515 - FitAID Chart

As with all good things in life, your first one’s free. The fridge will be running and stocked by 9:00 AM (had to let the freon settle) (the fridge itself is not paleo friendly, so don’t try to eat it) (seriously), so grab one after your workout and see what you think. After the freebie, each can is just $3 each. We’ll have a clipboard hanging on the minifridge, so each time you take one, you’ll just write down your name and how many you took and we’ll charge your account. It’s just that easy.

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