Fight. Gone. Bad.

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Today you get to participate in the Quintessential CrossFit WOD: Fight Gone Bad. If you haven’t had the joy of doing Fight Gone Bad yet and you have friends who already CrossFit, shoot them a little note along the lines of “So… I’m doing Fight Gone Bad tomorrow…” and wait for the response. The fact that I’m able to anticipate their response and tell you it’s not that bad should tell you that I’m lying to you.

Fight Gone Bad was developed to simulate an MMA bout, which typically consists of five minutes of work followed by a minute of rest. It earned its name after a professional MMA fighter named BJ Penn was asked after doing the workout how it compared to a typical MMA fight. His response was that it was like a fight gone bad and the name stuck. Here’s Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) describing the workout:

If you recall my post about pacing and my typical inability to do so, you might assume that I hate this workout. For once, your assumptions are absolutely correct. If Lex Luthor decided to program an absolute kryptonite workout for me, it would be in the Fight Gone Bad format.

Generally, I do my calculations beforehand to figure up exactly how many reps I need to get to reach a certain number. Let’s say I want to hit 300. Best bet when calculating is to ignore the row, since rowing for calories is a lot harder than you expect, and focus on hitting your numbers with the other movements. That gives you twelve rounds to get 300 or 25 reps per round. That in turn breaks down to one rep every two and a half seconds. Let’s assume that we can get five calories each round, that means we only need 20 reps at each station and now you’ve got a whopping 3 seconds to spend on each rep. And I’m not being facetious there – step back from your computer and mime a wall ball while counting quietly to yourself. Yeah, that’s a lot of time.

So I walk into FGB with this concept of either lots of time for each movement or knock out the required number of reps and use the rest of the 60 seconds as rest. I usually pick option B, which is my downfall. It’s REALLY hard to walk away from the ball in the first round after only 20 wall balls. Plan be damned, I’m gonna get MORE! That’s when it all come off the rails.

The moral of this story: don’t be like me. Focus on your pacing and your breathing. Push hard, but remember that there are a lot of rounds ahead of you. At the end of the day, you’re going to have another benchmark under your belt.

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