February Membership Drive

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Weather Update for 2/3/14: Evening classes are on tonight! I’ve been here all day, so I figured I might as well stick around ’til at least 6:45. We’ll be open with a few caveats:

  • I went out at lunch and the roads were messy but not horrible. There was a lot of wet out there, so that will probably turn to ice pretty quickly. Remember, it’s not the roads that are bad – it’s the drivers. Head on a swivel!
  • Last time I checked, the parking lot is NOT plowed and the snow is anywhere from ankle to mid-shin deep. If you don’t think your car can make it through semi-deep snow, stay home!
  • Don’t feel like you have to rush in just because I’m sticking around – I’m perfectly content with sitting in my office and reading comics.
  • Fair warning: if you wear your gym shoes in the parking lot, you will be doing burpees for the whole hour. Seriously – outside shoes outside, inside shoes inside. It’s important for both cleanliness and safety.

Be safe out there, folks!

We’ve been seeing our numbers bump up more recently, but it’s time for a bigger push. Heat costs serious money, so if you want it to be warmer, it’s time to start bringing people in here! The extra incentive this month will be our membership raffle.

As with all things Zenith-related, it’s a little complicated, but it makes sense in the end. If you have any questions, just ask me at the gym. Here are the details:

  • Each new member who signs up in the month of February gets two entries in the raffle.
  • Each current member who refers a new member who signs up in the month of February gets one entry in the raffle.
  • For each new member who signs up, a gift certificate for one free month of unlimited membership is thrown into the pot with a maximum of 12 months.
  • Gift certificates can be used by the member or given to a friend who’s not a member
  • One certificate transferal per friend. If you win 12 certificates and have one friend, you can give that friend one of them. If you win 12 and have 12 friends, you can give each of your friends one.
  • Drawing held on 2/28.

So, if one person signs up and no one refers them, that person gets a certificate for one free month of membership. If three people sign up, the winner gets 3 certificates. If 20 people sign up, the winner gets 12 certificates. Capisce?

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