February 2015 Member Accomplishments

You guys were busy being awesome in February!

  1. Sarah strung together NINE double unders!
  2. Suzanne increased her back squat up to 98 lbs (x3), moved up to the 8 lb wallball for her workouts and got a 25lb deadlift PR of 138 (x3)!
  3. Phil crushed his backsquat and is now up to 245 (x3). He also did 1 pullup and 2 chin ups!
  4. Dorrey had another amazing month with a new back squat PR of 175 (x2) and a deadlift PR of 215 (x3) and completed NINE non-consecutive double-unders in one try!
  5. Will has a new backsquat PR of 155 (x3) and a deadlift PR of 215 (x3)!
  6. Jay has a killer backsquat PR of 285 (x3). He’s so close to the 300 club!
  7. Carla has a new deadlift PR of 133 (x3) and exceeded her fundraising goal for her half marathon!
  8. Ray managed to NOT catch Ebola this month!
  9. Jordain has a new push press PR of 88 (x3) and strung together 2 double unders!
  10. Nelly has a new deadlift PR of 175 (x3)!
  11. Mike jumped into the 400 club with a deadlift of 405 (x3)!
  12. Lauren has been secretly trying for months to do exactly 500m rowing during warmup and finally did it! Maybe a new Rowling champion soon?
  13. Krystal has a new shoulder press PR of 60 lbs (x3)!
  14. David G and Carol M were the big winners in the Feb MOMP Rowling challenge by rowing exactly 100m and winning a t-shirt!

We know there were a TON more PRs that just didn’t make it on the board!  We’re so proud of all of you! Keep up the good work!

My husband and I are new to CrossFit Zenith. We dropped into a Saturday morning class after seeing the billboard, with the idea of getting a good workout in. Our first impression of Brian and the box was that he knew what he was doing and took care and pride in what he was doing. We left the class already in discussions of wanting to join the box. People who know my husband and I say we take a long time to make decisions (We dated ten years before getting engaged). With Brian, it did not take long to make the decision to join the Zenith Family. CrossFit Zenith immediately felt like a natural fit. Brian’s skills offer something that other CrossFits do not. With Brian’s coaching expertise and leadership, Zenith offered the chance for not only amazing workouts, but to build community. We are people who are big on the little things and customer service and Brian pays attention to all details and always is trying to make things easier and enjoyable for the members. The box is completely organized and clean, workouts and skill are structured and provide variety, and personally Brian creates a welcoming atmosphere. We are just over a month in and spend lots of our time talking about CrossFit Zenith and are looking forward to the future WODs. I even hear Brian’s feedback in my head when I am doing the movements, trying to perfect my form. My biggest accomplishment so far is doing assisted ring dips trying a rope climb, and flipping tires! I am working on building strength back up, trying to get more than 2-3 double unders, and perfecting my squats. Thanks Brian for all that you do. It does not go unnoticed, even though we don’t talk about it in between burpees, and you are doing an awesome job building up the box!

-Kelley Smith


I started at CFZ as soon as those doors opened! My relationship with Coach SqWatts goes way back, so the idea of following him from CrossFit New Haven to his own gym seemed like a no-brainer. If he knew me back when I couldn’t lift a 25# bumper overhead, or muster the courage to jump on a 12″ box, then he’s the Coach to keep me going on this journey to reach all of my goals! He has been my Coach since Day 1 (literally) of my CrossFit journey. As I watched CFZ come together, I could see that this was a dream coming to life for Coach SqWatts — not just the purple on the walls, or the meticulously organized equipment, but also the community being built. My biggest accomplishment has been showing up. I took time off from CrossFit, and my work schedule leaves me pretty depleted, but I still continue to show up. Mostly for the good company, but sometimes to get closer to that deadlift goal. Once I’m in the box, I get in the zone and get ‘er done. Also, I’d really like to deadlift a Panda (250#) before I turn The Big 3-0. My favorite CrossFit Zenith memory is the Christmas Ugly Sweater WOD — it was a hard workout, but silly at the same time. It was a great way to spend time working out with friends, and the closest thing to kids playing in the playground that we adults can do — without someone calling the cops. Happy Birthday, Coach! I’m proud to see your dream become a reality, and I look forward to all the adventures this year has in store!

— Alice Sodroski


I felt a kinship with the Brian and Barbara at John’s Academy of Gymnastic’s open house last year! Yes, it’s true- Why should our kids have all the fun? I was intrigued by Sal D.’s enthusiasm, and with the help of other JAG parents decided that I COULD DO THIS! Thanks to Brian’s quiet, reassuring method of coaching, I found myself pushing myself harder and harder with each visit. I love wall squats! Thank you Brian and Barbara! I feel welcome and happy at your gym! I love the way I feel after the group has accomplished your workout of the day!

— Chrysanne Vogt


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