Even More Cleaning

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You know how we like to keep things clean around here, so let’s go through all the happenings for this week.

There will be no 6AM class on Thursday morning. No matter which weatherman wins the forecasting battle, there will still be some amount of snow piled up on the roads which means a) people are going to be stupid and it’ll be dangerous and b) our landlord’s plow guy probably won’t have shown up yet. So in the interests of both safety and the ability to not be stuck in a parking lot, 6 AM is canceled and the other classes are up in the air. Keep checking back here, on our Facebook page and in the Facebook group for updates. If you’re thinking about coming to a class, make sure you check those three spots first.

UPDATE: One advantage to a small gym, you can put snow closings up for a vote. Today, the nays have it, so no 5:30 & 6:30 classes tonight.

Speaking of safety and dumbasses on the road, our thoughts are with Mo right now who got rear-ended on the way over to the gym for the TV shoot. And not in the way that you like. Some idiot ran into her car from behind on the highway and wiped out her night. She’s doing good, with more headache/nausea/getting bumped around than anything, but still getting checked out just in case. Make sure you get his address Mo, and we’ll all head over there with our learnin’ sticks!

This Saturday (weather permitting) is our Valentine’s Day MOMP! Find yourself a nonCrossFitting friend and drag ’em along with you! As always, the MOMP is free for all and a great place to get that friend or relative hooked on CrossFit. Also as usual, the WOD will be something… different and hopefully as entertaining for you as it will be for me. 9:00 AM until question mark!

Erika Wachter with WTNH’s SportzEdge on the Scene stopped by the gym tonight to interview me about the cancer thing and CrossFit (with more emphasis on the latter, so yay us!) and if you’ve ever heard me talk about either cancer or CrossFit, you can imagine the amount of editing she’s going to have to do to get a workable segment out of it. She’s going to keep me updated on the status and broadcast times, and you’ll get to find out about them shortly after right here on the blog. And on Facebook. I might hire skywriters too.

Speaking of skywriting (my other nickname is Mr. Segue), congratulations go our to Mark and Alice who became actual home owners today! You know in our world that means two things: one, and impending Moving WOD and two…

The more I look at this, the more disturbing it gets.

The more I look at this, the more disturbing it gets.

Congratulations, kids!

Now go to the grocery store so you can Instagram the empty shelves and fight for that last sad rutabaga in the produce aisle. I highly recommend bringing a shiv.

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